Thinking in HTML (English Edition) por Aravind Shenoy

Thinking in HTML (English Edition) por Aravind Shenoy

Titulo del libro : Thinking in HTML (English Edition)
Fecha de lanzamiento : September 15, 2014
Autor : Aravind Shenoy
Número de páginas : 67
Editor : Packt Publishing

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Aravind Shenoy con Thinking in HTML (English Edition)

You will gain an intermediate knowledge of HTML after reading this book. Instead of wandering through loads of theory, we will understand HTML practically so that we can semantically define the markup and structure of a webpage. We have used Notepad for the examples in this book. Alternatively, you can also use Notepad++ or any advanced editor. All you need to do is copy the code and paste it into Notepad. Upon execution, you will get the output as depicted in the screenshots. Screenshots are provided for each sample code.

Coding improves with practice. The examples in this book are compatible with almost every modern browser such as Mozilla Firefox, Opera or Google Chrome to name a few. Instead of using the verbatim code, you can modify the code and see the change in the output, thereby understanding the subtle nuances of HTML. By the end of the book, with practice, you can achieve better things as you get to grips with HTML.